DIETS DO NOT WORK – I’ve been there and I’ve tried many diets myself. Too many diets ask you to eliminate foods, eat certain foods, or buy special supplements or go on a cleanse among the many other ways these crazy diets work. Do what they say and you will lose weight easily. Well folks, it’s not easy, it takes time and the journey will have some ups and downs. The OUTmuscle way is different. That is why you need a coach who has been there and who will be there for you on your fitness journey.

I believe in challenging the status quo in fitness and nutrition. I’m tired of the lies, the scams, the over-hyped information from the fitness industry. There is nothing easy about being fit and healthy, it takes work but the process is 100% worth the results. Fitness is so much more than abs and big muscles, it’s about enjoying the journey, creating habits, while on your way to living a fitter and healthier life. The custom, easy to follow nutrition and fitness strategies are built around you, your lifestyle, and your preferences – I just help make it all fit together for you to follow and then hold you accountable to your plan.

To make lifelong, stable change, it takes three things:  1) Proper nutrition, 2) Strength Training (fitness), and 3) Work on your lifestyle. Helping successful people to OUTmuscle life works with you on all three of these important areas of your life. If you are ready for me to be your coach and your advocate on this journey, then let’s start working together today


  1. A course on your terms:  I understand you’re busy so we’ll adapt the program to fit you, your lifestyle, while keeping the end result in mind.

  2. Support 7 days a week:  Throughout your entire time in the program, you have access to me via email and chat support. I try very hard to get back to you right away but for sure within 24 hours. I do this to ensure your progress is never stalled and to let you know I am with you when you need me.

  3. One on one support calls… with ME:  Depending on the program you choose, we meet frequently to go over the program and your progress.

  4. A like minded community:  Join the exclusive Facebook group to surround yourself with other health-minded people. Some have been through the program, some are going through the program, and some are on their next fitness journey with OUTmuscle. If you have questions, curious about how other clients hit their, say protein goals, all you have to do is ask in the group. The group is small and exclusive but offers unique ideas that just might help you.
Expert Trainers


  1. With over 12 years of professional experience, and many years of learning the hard way before that, you’ll receive the knowledge and resources of my personal and professional life. I’ve been at every spectrum of fitness, from being obese, lazy, and unmotivated; to changing my lifestyle and habits to look fitter and healthier; to stepping on stage to compete in physique competitions; I know the struggles. Professionally, I’ve worked with every type of client from weight loss, to weight gain, building muscle, to just wanting to feel good and painfree. And, if I do not have the answers I generally have access to resources to find you the truth, as best as possible, to get the information you need.

  2. Learn why we cannot just focus on nutrition, or only on fitnes, to achieve the results you want. Learn why lifestyle might be the most important factor for long term success. True health and wellness needs to include all three: fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

  3. Learn what fitness looks like. Hint, it’s not having to do high intensity interval training style workouts.

  4. Learn why we need all macronutrients and what each macro is responsible for in our body. Why protein is the king of all macronutrients and why carbs are not the devil.

  5. The importance of being mindful of your sleep, hunger, recovery, energy, digestion, and stress. Through conversations and lessons, you’ll understand why each one is important in determining your health and fitness regimen.

  6. Why the best nutrition plan is the plan you can stick to, without eliminating foods and drinks you enjoy. Living a healthy and fit life does not mean you have to give up foods you enjoy. The only reason for eliminating a food(s) would be if you have an intolerance to certain foods. Otherwise, flexible eating within your goals, whatever that looks like, is the best way to sustain your results.

  7. The importance of finding your maintenance calories, the role of reverse dieting, why we take diet breaks or prescribe suggested refeed days. You’ll learn what to do when you go on vacation or out to eat. You’ll learn that you don’t always have to track your food in an app to know what you are eating.

  8. You’ll learn about habits and how they can positively affect your life. Not only eliminating some bad habits but incorporating good habits, as well.

  9. That you do NOT have to be perfect and it’s ok to not always be motivated. The ability to stay on course, enjoy the journey, and realize there will be bumps in the road along the way are some of the most important lessons you will learn. This is not a race!
  10. And probably a whole lot about me 😉.